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Christian Dressing: Five Reasons You Need To Dress Well Always

Published by on February 16th, 2020.


Sometimes, we just dress to cover our unclothedness. We often forget to dress fancifully and elegantly.

As good as it is to dress to cover one’s unclothedness. It cannot replace the place of nice and elegant dressing.

Some people repeat clothes as if they do not have other ones. To them, it doesn’t mean anything.

Whereas, it means a lot. Every believer needs to look good no matter the condition.

Be patient as you dogmatically read and digest this article.

Five Basic Reasons Why You Need To Dress Well Always
Man Judges You Based On Your Dressing
God uses what is in your heart to judge you while man uses your appearance to judge you.

1 Samuel 16:7
[7]But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for MAN LOOKETH ON THE OUTWARD APPEARANCE, but the LORD LOOKETH ON THE HEART.

A natural man judges based on what he sees. People hardly pay attention to the inner man. They pay more attention to the outward look than on the inner side of man.

More so, nobody can lay claim to knowing all things in the heart of man.

Despite this, we have the responsibility to dress well every time. If you dress well, you are not dressing well for God to see but for man to see.

My friend, do not say you only need to be accepted by God. Do not forget that God will send man to help you. And that person we need your good look.

Before Esther was favoured, she dressed in a way that would please the King as specified by Hegai (Esther 2:8-9).

When Esther reached the presence of the King. She captivated the attention of everyone.

Although, God’s favour was upon her but she spiced it up with good look.

That’s why people easily look down on an anointed man of God who is not properly dressed.

You need to dress well because man looks at the outward appearance.

Dress Well In Order To Cover Your unclothedness

Genesis 3:7,21
[7]And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.
[21]Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.

God originally created man naked but he later clothed him because man had realized his unclothedness.

Biblically, God would have chosen to have man being naked if man he had not known he was naked.

So, the primary purpose of dressing is to cover one’s unclothedness.

Any style of dressing that reveals one’s unclothedness is out of God’s Word and original intention.

Beloved, avoid any dressing that depicts irresponsibility, immorality, and worldliness.

As a believer, you are not to dress to meet the standard of the world. You are to meet up with God’s standard.

Your dressing should portray you as an ambassador of Christ.

When people see you; don’t let them see Jesus in your words alone. Let them see Jesus in your dressing too.

It is not possible for you to be saved and be dressing like an unsaved person.

Summarily, you need to dress well in order not to violate God’s standard.

You Will Be Addressed The Way You Are Dressed
My friend, you don’t need any preacher to tell you that. If you’ve never done this before, please try it.

Just dress like a pastor one day. Put on your suit, hold your Bible and have a good haircut.

Then, try to walk around your street. If no one calls you pastor, come and slap me.

Let people address you well by dressing well. If you dress badly, you will be addressed badly.

We have many carnal people living in this world. People who only care about what you wear before they respect you.

Honour can come to you if you dress honourably. You need to dress well for you to be honourably addressed.

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Your Dressing Portrays Who You Are
Proverbs 7:10
[10]And, behold, there met him a woman with the ATTIRE OF AN HARLOT, and subtil of heart

Bible speaks on the attire of an harlot. In other words, there is a specific way an harlot is expected to dress.

More so, that means there is a way a person can dress that will make you think that, that person is an harlot.

See, don’t implicate yourself. Although, wherever the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. But you are not to misuse that opportunity.

Are you wondering why people address you without respect? Believe me, it might be because of your dressing.

People have the propensity to address you based on how they perceive you. And how you look.

Dress To Attract Favour
For example, if you are a pastoress and you dress like an harlot. You’ll still be addressed as an harlot.

Dress to attract the favour of men. Nobody dresses to attract God’s favour.

Throughout the scriptures, God did not favour anyone because he/she dressed elegantly.

God looks into your heart not your dress. That’s why you need to dress well because people will always judge you with your outward appearance.

Only few men try to seek the face of God before they know who you truly are. Present yourself as a responsible person.

I know you are a responsible person. But let your dressing portray you as a responsible person.

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Dress To Attract Dignity
God wants you to dress in order to attract dignity. Please read this;

“Make a sacred garments for your brother Aaron, to give him dignity and honour.” – Exodus 28:2.

He wanted Aaron to dress in order to attract dignity and honour. He also want you to dress to attract dignity and honour.

Shun any dressing that demeans your status. Shun any dressing that makes people to easily disrespect you or make people to see you as a pauper.

Beloved, God wants you to attract dignity and honour. He is not delighted whenever people dishonour you.

If God could allow Aaron to dress in a certain way in order for him to be respected.

The implication is that; He wants you to dress well.

Stop giving irrelevant excuses for dressing badly. It doesn’t cost much to look good. You only need to buy clothes with sense.

Buy clothes that fit you not oversize. Know your taste. Buy clothes that reveal God’s glory and smile as you wear them.

• Married people need to be aware of the fact that they need to dress to please their spouse.

See, when you are alone with your spouse. You don’t need much secrecy.

But you need to cover your unclothedness when you are not alone with your spouse.

• Young people also need to dress well for potential suitors to locate them. Don’t be too spiritual to the extent that you dress shabbily.

• Dress to glorify God. Do not dress to fulfil the lust of the flesh. Do not allow people to see you and be thinking of sex.

• Dressing determines who proposes to you. If you dress like a prostitute, expect proposals from louts.

Definitely, If you dress like a believer, expect proposals from believers. Like begets like. You attract who you are.

Let me have your thought on this piece. Do you have any question for me?




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