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“Juju Scare: Should I Quit My Job?”

Published by on July 29th, 2020.

Hello good morning.

Late April during lockdown, my friend sent me a post, which was advertised by her mom customer in need of an accountant urgently, the job was for graduate and I’m an undergraduate, final year thou I should have graduated since 2018 but left school in my first semester 400l due to mental health issues I was facing which no one know( I can’t read and comprehend as I used to anymore) got bored of reading and preparing for exams, set eyes on making money. Just too broke at that time.

I applied for the job with fate, and I was called, went for interview thrice before I was given the job. due to my experience of working as an assistant accountant in one big hotel and working as branch manager in another hotel, and not staying far I was given the job. The pay range was 35k based on my qualifications thou.

I started work first week of May, not too stressful but I’m to resume by 6am and close 6pm, daily allowance 2k and my salary … I do make 50-60k weekly aside my daily allowance and salary.

Reason I’m thinking about quitting is, early June, on my way to work on bike, I had an accident with Keke, which the Keke man was clearly at fault for swerving without checking his side mirror, but then again, it was just the two of us (bike man and Keke man) on the road, same lane, nothing coming back or front of us, yet the accident.

I had a bruise on my hand and a kinda deep wound an inch from my ankle bone. (which haven’t gone yet, used original honey to bring out the surface, thou I no longer feel pains, recently it has dried up).

During that accident period nor of my colleagues/bosses came to visit me as I was home for a week. But my colleagues kept sending my own share from the runs money.

Last Thursday on my way to work, very close to my work place, walking on the street that lead to my office and one man I don’t know, was inside his shop/house, saying to me, oboy this your leg never go, na wa oh, them wan just spoil ur leg for you, that your place wey u dey work many don run commot there cause of the juju things wey them dey use follow their workers, better dey pray every day and when u enter office guy. I said thank you sire, while getting to the office tears dropped from my eyes as I prayed.

Next day being Friday on my way home, the bike I took we both fell down, falling to where my wound is, I had to be smart and quickly dodge the bike from landing on that leg… I paid the bike man and trekked to the bustop to get Keke.

This job has really changed me from that sad dude to happy dude, due to financial capability right now… I’m now free of debt and brokenness.

Please advise me, cause I’m not really a spiritual person but all these are making me prayerful (never believed in juju and attack before).



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